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Open College of the Arts – BA Photography

Level 1 – Expressing your Vision

I am now at the end of the first level 1 course, Expressing your Vision, and my work over the last twelve months is to be assessed in July 2017. Below is a letter to my assessors in respect of my assessment submission.


May 2017

Dear Assessors

My physical assessment submission comprises a clamshell presentation box and a hard-copy sketch-book.

The work in the box is divided into six parts. Parts one to five follow the structure of the course and include all assignment images as prints. Images from exercises 4.5 and 5.2 are included in the relevant part. Part six includes images from self-directed projects where I feel that they provide evidence of my learning.

I submit my sketch-book of additional work to show my thoughts, particular interests and ways of working throughout the course.

My digital submission is through my blog. Please see here my learning log, coursework, further research, the written elements of my assignments and my responses to my tutor’s formative feedback reports.

At the end of each part of the course, I have documented my learning in an ‘end-of-part evaluation’. These assessments, and a final ‘end of EYV course evaluation’, are submitted as blog posts in my learning log. Please see the links below.

Thank you for looking at my work.

Claire 515896

Part 1 – evaluation

Part 2 – evaluation

Part 3 – evaluation

Part 4 – evaluation

Part 5 – evaluation

End of EYV course – evaluation