EYV Assignment 5 Response to tutor feedback

My tutor very kindly gave me his feedback very quickly because he was aware that I hoped to submit my work for July’s assessment.

I will start with the positives

  • Strong ending to the course
  • Some ‘great’ shots
  • Good research
  • Exercise 5.2 strong with good self- assessment

Things to consider

The main issue in respect of my images was in relation to my decision to enhance an already bright part of my pictures using Photoshop. Specifically, I had increased the saturation of the bright orange buildings of the power station to further exaggerate the plant as significant and central to my images. My tutor advised that this technique has to be used very carefully, to avoid appearing naïve. I had acknowledged, in my written submission, my hesitation in editing my images in this way through fear that it might make them look amateurish, but had continued with the experiment.

Having said this, my tutor felt that in one particular image, the colour enhancement worked well, hence his advice to carefully think through a decision to enhance an image, not his advice never to do so. As I write this, in the light of my tutor’s comments, I can see that I applied the edit uniformly, across all my images, and that the outcome may have been improved had I carefully considered the impact of my approach on each individual image. I can also see that the edit was unnecessary and added little to my final project.

Technical issues

  • Small thumbnails on my learning log.

There seems to be a recurring issue to do with my images sizes. I intend to address the immediate issue and look at sizing in general more carefully.

Suggested photographers

  • My tutor recommended Gabriele Basilico for his work on urban space.

In response to my tutor’s feedback, I have decided to make some changes to my final assignment submission. Specifically, I have decided to un-do the colour edits I made and submit my prints using the original colour saturation.

My tutor also commented, about image 7, that it seemed ‘to be too much about colour’. I re-looked at this image and reversed the edits I made. This did improve the image, since I could now see that there had been too much to look at in this image in terms of colour. Ultimately however, I decided to replace image 7 with a different select from my contact sheets:

I preferred the composition of this image, and the colours, and felt that it better reflected my theme of accessibility by the public.

I was delighted with my feedback for this assignment. My tutor said that my work in the second half of Expressing your Vision shows significant improvement. His comments have increased my confidence and motivated me to continue.


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