EYV Assignment 4 response to tutor feedback

My tutor feedback, written and verbal (from our ‘Hangout’) was very positive.



  1. A strong visual response to the brief.
  2. ‘Strong and unique images on a single subject’.
  3. Exercise  4.3: ‘Fresh and experimental’.
  4. Thorough exploration of part 4 research points.

Areas for improvement:

  1. Image size (again).
  2. Would be good to show my imaginative thinking on my blog.
  3. Signpost to the work of Gregory Crewdson and Bill Henson.
  4. Some reorganisation of blog menus.

Technical issues first – This ought to be easy but I admit to something of a stumbling block. I do not understand why my tutor sees thumbnails on my blog. Everything looks ok at my end. I will research this further. However, I immediately addressed my tutor’s concerns about the menu structure on my blog. I have created a menu entitled ‘Learning Log’. I used the OCA template initially for setting up my blog, and this was previously labelled ‘Research and Reflection’. I have amended this and now use the new menu to include all research points undertaken as part of course work, together with any self-directed learning and reflection on the course. I have also included a post at the end of each part of the course entitled ‘self reflection at end of part 1’ etc, and I find this a useful way of evaluating my experience of that particular part of the course. I will include a final self assessment, measured against the course criteria, at the end of the course.

In response to my tutor’s comment about evidence of my imaginative thinking ‘finding its way into my blog’, I have tried to include more of my initial thoughts about my approach to assignment five and will make an effort to record and show more of my thought processes. I have used my hard copy log to record some of my thoughts and will continue to do so.

I was very pleased with my tutor’s feedback on this assignment. He felt that the strength of my work was the result of experimentation and research done in part 4. I found the consideration of natural, artificial and studio lighting in this part of the course quite demanding, yet I feel that I actually took more images as research for this section than for any of the others, and I think that this practical experience was extremely valuable.

In our Hangout, my tutor highlighted something that should have been obvious, yet it wasn’t. To me, my six assignment images were all of ‘ordinary’ things near home – a bus stop, phone box, scaffolding. What my tutor pointed out was that four of the six images were of ‘shelters’ of some kind. Because of this theme, he felt that the other two images (not of shelters) were ‘different’ to the rest. I had presented my images with the two ‘odd’ images as the final two images. My approach had been fairly random and this detail had not been significant to me. I will address this for assessment by presenting my images in a more considered order that makes the set more balanced.

I have had a brief look at some of the work of Gregory Crewdson (I must try to overcome my aversion to nudes!) and will return to him and look also at the work of Bill Henson shortly. I will document this on my blog.


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