Homage – Sally Mann

As part of the work on homage photography in part 5 of the course it was suggested that students refer back to their personal archives to consider images that celebrate the work of other artists.

Below is an image that I took as part of my research for exercise 4.2  on natural light. Inspired by the work of Sally Mann, I took this image in a soft foggy light to create a dreamy ‘other-worldly’ atmosphere.  I was actually a bit anxious in this quiet spot in the fog, and my image, taken off-level emhasises this sense of disorientation. I included a vignette, as Sally Mann did, with the intention of creating a narrowed viewpoint to exaggerate the feeling of unease. I hoped that it would suggest a hidden and therefore unsettling presence.

Please see my post on Sally Mann – Southern Landscapes and this image in particular:

Image 1

Sally Mann (1998) Southern Landscapes

and my image:

I am not sure if this is homage photography, though I clearly was influenced by Mann’s work and have not attempted to hide that fact.

List of illustrations

Mann, Sally (1998) Southern Landscapes (Photographs). At: http://sallymann.com/selected-works/southern-landscapes. (Accessed 22.1.17)


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