Part 5 – evaluation

I recall my first reading through of the course notes, about a year ago, and my liking the sound of assignment 5. I was looking forward to this assignment and thought about it a lot during the course. My chosen subject at this early stage was Emley Moor Transmitting Station. I had an interest in the ‘mast’ and felt that it would perfectly fit the brief. I started thinking about the images I would take. Emley Moor mast became symbolic of my finishing the course.

Assignment 5 in the end was not about Emley Moor. I chose this as a subject for an exercise in part 4 instead. Interesting.

Part five of Expressing your Vision has been another interesting journey.

Exercise 5.2 involved taking an image in homage to the work of another photographer. I enjoyed this concept and I was inspired by a book of Walker Evans’ images. My homage to Walker Evans involved taking an image of a local railway bridge in response to his ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ image.

As asked, as part of the exercise, I reflected on whether my image demonstrated ‘beauty’, ‘creativity’, or ‘a perfect memento’.

My response is here:

The course notes ask that I consider the possibility of my camera having shooting modes that ensure perfect images in the categories of ‘beauty’, ‘creativity’, or ‘memento’ and asks which mode was used in this exercise. This is an interesting thought. I think that the unusual point of view and short focal length highlights this neglected and unnoticed bridge. Also, I think that although the straight line of the shadow on the wall emphasises the angles of the iron structure, the bridge as a whole is softened by the sunlight. I hope it also shows, through the cars and the steps leading to nearby houses, that the bridge is an important part of a local community. I think that my image therefore shows creativity rather than beauty or a perfect memento.

From exercise 5.2

I have identified a personal weakness in that I have to work really hard to be creative. It is, therefore, with some sense of achievement that I end part five of the course able to identify creativity in my work.


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