EYV Assignment 5 Self Assessment

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I gave a lot of thought to how I would capture such a large building from very far away and very close. A wide angle renders it invisible at my furthest distances, and yet with my widest 16mm I had some difficulty getting it all in at closer distances. However, I felt that I did not want a wide variation in focal lengths, and to aid consistency of information all my images were taken using my 16 – 55 mm lens. I made stupid mistakes: I had just done an indoor shoot of a school event, and I completely forgot to re-set my camera’s ISO and raw settings. I regret this but I decided not to reshoot since I was satisfied that my images were not significantly affected.

I looked at this building from many different points of view. However, this assignment was not intended to show unusual viewpoints (like Walker Evans’ bridge for example), and I think that to attempt an abstract approach or use a telephoto lens would have been incongruous. I did not want to hide that these were images of a power station, and I felt that the eye-level views matched my intention to show it how it is seen by the people who live nearby. I think my images have a consistency in terms of space and depth and I have made use of compositional techniques to draw the eye into the images. My set is perhaps not very imaginative technically but I think that it is appropriate to the final outcome.

Quality of outcome

I found the brief for ten images quite problematic. I considered presenting my images as 5 sets of two rather than 3,  4 and  3 but felt that three more distinct categories worked better than five more fluid ones. I think the three categories are quite easy for the viewer to interpret and so rejected the idea of using text to explain my intention.

I feel that I have used my personal interest, the work of other photographers, and internet inspiration to produce a study that has filled the brief and achieved what I intended it to. I can’t be certain about how my ideas will be perceived by the viewer but I am satisfied that there is a clear sense of exploration of the subject and analysis of it from different viewpoints.

Demonstration of creativity

I think I have attempted a fairly imaginative concept in response to a clear personal interest and idea. I have tried to be experimental in attempting a social comment about this new addition to the Sheffield landscape and about the incorporation of significant industrial buildings into an area of high population.


I have tried to incorporate my overall learning into this assignment. I hope that the outcome shows that I have considered the learning I have done in part 5 in terms of homage photography, photography as information and storytelling and presenting alternative viewpoints, and that I have used the techniques learned from earlier in the course. I have drawn on the works of other photographers and my images 1 and 3 show that John Davies (Fuji City 2008) was a particular inspiration. I have used my understanding of saying something through photography in my attempt to present a unique view of my chosen subject.


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