EYV Assignment 2 – Views – Re-worked

On thinking about final assessment, I re-looked at my work. While my tutor had not specifically advised me to re-work my assignment 2 images, I decided that I would try to improve my selection for the final assessment submission. I had been a bit confused about whether the expectation was to submit images using a variety of camera techniques or to choose a particular set of techniques throughout to create a cohesive set. I understand that students have interpreted the brief in different ways.  After speaking with my tutor, I gave my work further thought. I decided that I was not happy with my use of a mixture of techniques i.e. varying depth of field and  focal lengths, since the set as a whole was compromised, and I therefore decided to submit an alternative set using only a focal length of 16mm (the final image is 18mm). I used a variety of viewpoints to emphasise the different experiences of life in my seaside town, and tried to improve on my theme of an alternative to the traditional holidaymaker’s view of Filey.

On reviewing my initial submission I realised that I have learned a lot on this course and I felt that if I were to do assignment 2 again, then I would do it quite differently. I looked at my original submission and realised that of the 10 images I had submitted, two were essentially the same (traditional views of Filey bay), and very few, I felt, furthered my intention to provide an ‘alternative’ view of the seaside.

Please see my initial images here.

So, with a trip to Filey planned, and hopeful of making some improvements, I decided to think again about what I wanted to submit. First, I looked again at my contact sheets. I was actually very surprised when I reconsidered my contact sheets since I could clearly say that if I were submitting the assignment now, I would have chosen very different selects. In my first submission of this assignment, I had rejected images that I now realised showed a more rounded view of the town. The ‘ambulance’ image is an example. I recall liking this image but excluding it because of the visible number plate – I have included it this time because I now know how to pixelate this part of the image using Photoshop. My ‘cafe’ image shows tourist activity around the seafood stalls  very differently to the close-up images of fresh produce that I had come across before. The deck chair image shows piles of chairs unsold because of poor weather rather than sunbathers seated comfortably on the beach. The ravine image shows Filey as a green space with lush trees at the sea’s edge, rather than as just a beach.

I include the final,  more traditional, image of the bay because to exclude it would be to fail to represent the town as the beautiful coastal resort that it is. However, I chose this particular image over a more conventionally beautiful one because it does not over- state the view – the flowers in the foreground are bright but ordinary, and the sweep of the bay is interrupted. I think it sits better with my rounded view of Filey. Overall, I think the use of a single focal length works well. I also think that the colours in my re-work are much better; I have removed the brighter (more holiday-ish) images to create a softer more natural looking set. As such, my images are more cohesive and I think my choice shows a more representative view of the town as a place to live and work as well as a place for holidays, than my original submission did.




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