Learning reflection – Study Skills

I have, following recommendations from other students, started to use RefMe for referencing my work. It goes against my nature really because I am used to referencing my work myself. However, things have changed considerably since I last wrote at this level, and there is far more use of reference material other than books. It is the referencing of websites, videos etc that I find most difficult to get right and so I have decided to use RefMe to make sure that I am consistent and as accurate as possible.

This is the first time I have used a blog as a way to document my learning; I am really pleased with how it is both a tool for my tutors and assessors, and for myself. I am carefully trying to link all relevant pages to make it easy to read and follow my progress since the whole thing is becoming quite a hefty tomb.

As I approach the end of Part 4, I am thinking about the assessment process. I feel that there is some confusion since I am aware that other students are asking questions about what to submit, how to go about it, and timescales etc. I have a mental note to myself to research this in preparation for the final part of the course.

I had cause to use a drawing package, to help with some home planning, and I took advantage of a 7 day free trial. The software included a facility to draw mind maps. I have seen another student’s use of something similar and, although expensive just to use for mind maps, it does appeal to me, and I liked the look of this students work. I was attracted by the orderliness and straight lines. For this very reason, I have decided to leave it alone. My work, I feel, consists of too many straight lines (actual and imagined), and my creating my own mind maps, by hand, is a psychological step forward in my creative development.


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