EYV Assignment 4- Initial thoughts

I have enjoyed the whole of part 4, learning a lot about using light in photography. In terms of daylight, I particularly admired Trent Parke’s  strong contrast images, and, had it been summer where opportunities for this type of photography seem more likely, I would have considered developing my daylight images as an option for my assignment. I chose not to pursue a studio light submission since currently, I feel that this is my weakest area and I should like to consider the technical aspects of studio lighting further before attempting it as an assignment.

My first attempt at exercise 4.3 involved noticing the artificial lights and reflections within my home.  Please see EYV Exercise 4.3 .

As I began to think about Assignment 4 and to decide which of the exercises on light to re-visit to prepare into an assignment, I favoured using artificial light. To further my practice and begin to explore possibilities for the assignment, I attempted night time images locally.

Here are some of the images I took for this second attempt at exercise 4.3:

outdoor-1 outdoor-2 outdoor-3 outdoor-4 outdoor-5 outdoor-7

Influenced by Rut Blees Luxemburg’s focus on the ordinary things that often go unnoticed, I considered how flowers are generally shown in daylight and often go unnoticed at night. Lit by headlights, my image of the road-side crocuses looks quite spooky. The lighting turns a traditionally pleasant scene into one that is a bit sinister.

Continuing the theme of photographing ordinary things, I particularly liked my images of the phone kiosk graffiti, lit by the back lights of my husband’s van, and the scaffolding, which I thought looked rather striking in the light of a street light and passing car. I considered whether I might be able to capture images of ‘ugly’ rather than ordinary things for my assignment submission.

See my post Exercise 4.3 (3) artificial light


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