Part 4 – evaluation

This part of the course has been very demanding. I felt that observing the effect of light, particularly in exercise 4.2 where I chose to shoot images at 2-hourly intervals on a fairly overcast day was quite difficult. I have felt that the different colours of light, unless it is very obvious, often eludes me.

The studio light exercise initially felt daunting. I have no experience at all with this kind of photography, and no studio lighting equipment. I felt that even if I had, I wouldn’t know how to use it. However, I really enjoyed my attempts at photographing chilli peppers in my kitchen, inspired by a similar image in a book on photography projects. I experimented with my normal kitchen lighting and a powerful desk lamp and began to get an understanding of how light can dramatically change the shape and texture of an object. I made several attempts at the studio lighting exercise and the natural light exercises, and although I didn’t choose these to develop into an assignment, I felt that my increased practical approach benefitted my learning.

The focus on artificial light at night was a step forward in terms of creativity. I valued the fact that with night photography, I had to slow down and think more about what I was doing. My images were more successful as a result of this and my returning to re-rake images a number of times to improve them. I hope to return to night time photography since I love how the darkness changes everything.

It is interesting that when doing my Square Mile assignment, at the beginning of the course, it never crossed my mind to take images at night. In fact, I said:

‘To develop this project further, I would examine wider creative options.  Vitor Schietti takes photographs of his neighbourhood at night. I became acutely aware that, although this may not have been right for my assignment, the learning was that I never even considered it’.

I feel that my increased confidence as a result of using manual mode on my camera and taking images in low light has been a significant step forward and it is clear to me that my learning has moved on.

In terms of my creativity, which was and is, something of a concern, since I don’t seem to have a naturally imaginative approach, I was pleased with my Emley Moor images, taken for exercise 4.5, which encouraged a creative approach to an everyday subject. I felt that I approached this exercise with an open mind and considered a number of viewpoints of my subject to show it in terms of its location in and relationship to the community. I also felt more comfortable taking images in public and approaching members of the public to ask for permission to take their photographs.

Feedback on my assignment 4 was positive. After struggling in part 3 with the concept of the decisive moment and re-working my assignment 3, the success of my work on artificial light has improved my confidence and motivated me to continue.





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