Chris Steele Perkins

In the same way that John Davies photographs Mount Fuji as a backdrop to his images of the industrial landscape of Japan, Perkins also ‘relegates’ the volcano to highlight the ordinary life of the city. In doing so, he presents a different view of life in Japan, challenging the conventional representation of the city as wholly about the volcano and the beauty of the natural landscape.

Perkins’ images show the everyday experience of life in the city, despite the volcano. By this, I mean that, in the same way that people who live on the coast may fail to notice the sea, people in Fuji City are perhaps not constantly overawed by Mount Fuji, and their everyday life is not consciously affected by it. The images include, but do not ‘over-do’ the volcano. Instead, we see images of people going about their business, filling their cars, walking in the street in the snow, playing sport, getting on with their lives.


Pictet, P. (2017) Chris Steele-Perkins. Available at: (Accessed: 23 February 2017).


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