EYV Exercise 4.3 Artificial Light – home

Brief: Capture the beauty of artificial light in a short sequence of shots. Try to describe the difference in the quality of the light from the daytime shots in exercise 4.2

When night comes early and the house lights are on, I am drawn to the reflections in windows, which have caught my attention for some time. Inspired also by Christmas lights, I decided, as a first deliberate attempt at capturing artificial light, to look inside my home. Here are a few of my initial shots that encouraged me to notice the shapes and colours made by the reflections of lamps and lights on the windows and walls in my house:






All these images have a warm, yellowish orange colour. I set my white balance to ensure that the white paintwork looked realistic. One of the reasons that I love this time of day is the lovely cosy light inside, when it is cold and dark outdoors.

Compared to my daylight images, these images show less variation in terms of colour and mood. My daytime shots varied according to the intensity of the light, the time of day, the colour, and the depth of shadows.

‘Daylight changes from moment to moment; the advantage of artificial light is that it stays the same’ (course notes p 83).

This exercise encouraged me to notice the effect of artificial light, particularly in terms of the very warm colours. I hope to have another go at this exercise soon.

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