EYV Assignment 3 ‘The Decisive Moment’ Re-work reflection

I had decided to re-work the decisive moment assignment because my tutor felt that it was difficult to see my link to the brief in all but possibly two of my images.

On reflection, I agreed that my images could not stand alone as decisive moment images and even with the text to encourage a particular interpretation, the rationale for choosing my selects was not clear enough.

There was quite a lot that I was pleased with in my first submission, particularly the development of my thought processes leading to my final submission and the development of my creativity. The presentation in a photo book was also, I felt, a success.

For my re-work, I decided to attempt a more traditional street photography approach. You can see my re-worked images in my post:


I was relieved that my tutor felt I had made a good reflection on my initial submission, and particularly pleased that he felt two of my re-worked images were ‘fantastic’ – he liked the wit and the contemporary feel. Here they are:


I have to admit that these are not the type of images I would normally consider, and it is interesting that it is these, which are out of my comfort zone, that earn the highest praise. Clearly, this is a lesson well learned, and significant encouragement for me to try things that I would normally avoid.

My tutor suggested that it would be useful for me to find a writer to further help me critique the decisive moment in terms of understanding both sides of the argument. I intend to re-look at Ghazzal, and to look at some ‘other indecisive sources such as the Jim Jarmusch and Wong Kar Wai films’. My tutor also suggested I look at Berger’s Ways of Seeing. I was pleased that my tutor felt that I had made progress in terms of my development.

Please see my post John Berger – Ways of Seeing


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