Learning reflection -Insomnia project

As part of my preparation for Exercise 4.3 ‘The beauty of artificial light’ I took a series of images in very low light. My bedroom was lit by a single street light shining in through curtain-less windows, and I couldn’t sleep. The resulting images were a consequence of my consideration of artificial light and of my insomnia. I experimented with maximum ISO to try to capture, within the resulting grain, my tiredness, the feeling of my gritty eyes, and my frustration at being unable to sleep. The images are not mono but the light made little colour and I felt that this enhanced my very negative mood. I further experimented with double exposure to try to capture the feeling of disorientation and exhaustion that sleeplessness creates. I considered expanding this exercise for my assignment 4 but felt that there was little in it to represent the ‘beauty’ of artificial light, so I used it as practice for my creativity and technical skills, and as something to do in the early hours when I was wide awake. Here are my images:







The final image, triple exposed, is quite chaotic and disturbed and I felt that this effectively summed up my experience that particular night.












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