Part 3 – evaluation

This part of the course created a lot of thought. It is the part that I feel I spent the most time in considering, planning and executing, and, interestingly, it provided my least successful outcome.

The exercises on using shutter techniques to still or capture movement, however, were extremely valuable in my technical learning, and I enjoyed the experimentation with using very fast speeds to capture a moment in time, and slower speeds and a moving camera to cause a blur effect. I experimented with using double exposure to create quite interesting results. This is something I would like to return to but at present lack the technical skills and confidence to incorporate the techniques into my assessed work successfully.

I made the wrong initial choice in terms of my assignment, and failed to fulfil the brief. In some ways I think I ‘overthought’ my approach and tried too hard to incorporate a literature theme to my project, without really understanding how to do this successfully.

The reworking of my assignment in the end was not uncomfortable at all and I enjoyed the experience. I was surprised at how quickly I managed to capture my reworked decisive moment images given the amount of time I had spent on my initial interpretation.

Despite my initial disappointment with my tutor’s feedback, I appreciate the value of his critique for its impact on my learning. My failure led me to an increased confidence in street photography and knowledge of the decisive moment debate.

My first attempt actually showed me that I have the ability to be creative. Although the outcome of my assignment was not a huge success, I was pleased that I was able to think around the subject creatively and try out new ideas.





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