Learning reflection – Technical issues/BJP Food issue

13 December 2016

I have had, over the past few weeks, a bit of technology trouble. First, my camera had to be sent away for repairs (actually sensor cleaning) that took three weeks. Second, I have had major computer issues which caused delays in my schedule and left me without my computer for a week.

The positives – I was able to borrow a camera for a few days so assignment 3 didn’t come to a complete standstill, my tutor agreed to a two-week extension to my submission date, and…I have learned loads! In terms of IT, I have successfully installed all my software and devices again after the repairs left my computer without, and although it took me a long time, I feel that it has benefitted me in terms of my progress. The shiny new state of my computer prompted a massive housekeeping exercise resulting in a nice tidy feel and renewed motivation, and my computer and camera-less state encouraged me to spend some time with my sketch-book, which I feel is perhaps the most neglected part of my studies.

Since my last diary post, I have further considered the sizing of my images in terms of storage space on my hard drive and space on my blog. I already re-size my assignment images for sending to my tutor, but in my last feedback, he suggested I link to smaller files. I admit to being very unsure about how to sort this, but thanks to my fellow students’ forum comments, and my re-ordered files, I feel that I can now try to incorporate re-sizing as part of my workflow.

Thanks also to you all for your comments and suggestions about referencing. I intend to have a look at some of the sites that you have mentioned.

I always look forward to my copy of the British Journal of Photography but I found December’s issue on food particularly interesting. I have read and made notes on the articles and I hope to include a post on my blog about my thoughts. I was inspired to consider my own experience of food and I intend to take my own images around this theme as a personal project. I will post my efforts in due course. However, here are my initial thoughts:


Other areas of current interest are the representation of older people, and literature. Inspired by a book of photographs of people reading, and by previous research into older people and an article in a photography magazine, I have started to consider these as future projects and have recorded my initial thoughts in my sketch book:



Further research that I have done recently is in connection with photo-printing. My assignment 3 involves some text and the images do not work so well alone. Consequently, I felt that I needed to submit my assignment as a photo-book. I looked at a number of online print companies and found that most photo-books are quite expensive. However, Whitewall (recommended in a Jessop’s magazine) do a soft cover with 24 pages (a few too many but I couldn’t find any supplier who does a book with fewer), for less than £10. I can’t vouch yet for the quality of the finished product but the creation of it is simple and the website is easy to navigate. I was a bit confused by all the different paper choices but Whitewall offer a free sample pack that includes small samples of their products, which I sent for and found extremely useful.

Please see my thoughts and personal response to the BJP Food Issue at my post: Food project



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