Ruth Gale

I came across these images by Ruth Gale, a Fine Art student, in a shop front exhibition on the Isle of Man, in August 2016. I was considering double exposure in my research for Assignment 3 and these images caught my attention.

Gale’s project is titled Heartache. I photographed her introduction to her exhibition, for information. Unfortunately I have been unable to find anything more about her.

Ruth Gale 4 Ruth Gale 3 Ruth Gale 2 Ruth Gale 1

Gale’s images really interested me. I have an interest in the experiences of individuals and in emotional health and I liked her connections with nature and water to express heartache. She describes how she sees the beauty in the ever-changing natural world and how she was captivated by the water of a rock pool changing with the breeze. Her images are the conclusion to her studies of water and its connection with human emotion. They convey loss and sadness and perhapsĀ represent the healing power of tears.

There was an email address displayed and I did send her an email about her work but received no response.


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