Reflection – Hard Copy Learning Log

In my feedback for my work at the end of Part 1 of EYV, my tutor suggested that I might wish to use a different book to the one I was currently using as my hard-copy log –  one that might help me to be more expressive.

I had chosen a hard back A4 spiral bound lined notebook to document my ideas and thoughts as they occurred to me, and to collect images that interested me etc.

Here it is:

Book 2

I am new to the visual arts, and my main interest and education has in the past been to do with writing. I am a keen reader and an English Literature graduate.

In light of my tutor’s comments, I looked at my log and saw a lot of writing for a visual arts course. I had even photographed my log with a pen lying on top.  I understood that in order to develop my creativity and expression, I did indeed need a different  book.

I begin part three of the course with a hard back A3, artists sketch book, with NO lines to write on!

I am fully aware that this book alone cannot make me more expressive, but already, I find that I am writing less and using my imagination more.

Here is my new log book:

New log

I look forward to using this sketch book as a tool to enable me to develop my understanding and learning about photography and photographers, and to begin to find the styles that I like and develop my creativity.


Please see my initial post Hard-copy learning log



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