EYV Assignment 2 Reflection on research

In his feedback for Assignment 2 ‘Collecting’, my tutor suggested that the inclusion of some examples of the postcard views that I examined as part of my research would be helpful.

I had said in my written analysis that I had looked at postcard images of Filey as part of my research, since I initially intended to capture a series of views as if for a tourist publication.

I had included some of these postcard images in my hard copy learning log, along with my initial thoughts:

Log book

These photographs came from a tourists’ guide to Filey. They mostly show traditional views of the area, using a wide viewpoint with depth and with beautiful dreamy skies. They encourage a romantic, blissful view of the town. The image at bottom left is perhaps different in its abstract silhouette, but still it continues the ‘haven for holidaymakers’ approach that I finally decided to challenge in my assignment.

I understand that this initial examination of other people’s photographs of Filey shows my background research and including it in my assignment submission would have helped with context.



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