EYV Assignment 2 Reflection – Maholy Nagy

Following my feedback on EYV Assignment 2 ‘Collecting’, I wanted to try to address the contextualisation of my work, specifically in relation to my tutor’s comments about my inspiration from Maholy-Nagy’s work.

In my written Analysis for this assignment, I said:

‘I find Maholy-Nagy’s abstract views interesting and I wanted to include a view using a longer lens as an alternative to a deep depth of field’.

My tutor advised that I should ‘include an example and make specific connections with my own work’.

First, I include the Maholy-Nagy images that inspired me, and of which I was consciously aware when shooting for this assignment:


Nagy 5

Image 1

Nagy 3

Image 2

Maholy Nagy Boats

Image 3

It is true that I find these images interesting. I like the angles of view and the ‘pattern’ produced as an alternative to creating depth within an image. These images are still ‘views’ despite the absence of sky, distance and foreground, and I wanted to include different kinds of views within my assignment to address the technical expectations and to enhance my Filey story. Maholy-Nagy’s technique inspired me to take this photograph:

Assignment 2 Brig

The brief suggested that a wide angle lens is the usual choice for views, but not a pre-requisite, so I chose a longer lens (150mm cropped sensor). I was positioned at the cliff top on Filey Brig and, without a long lens, the figures in this image would have been almost indistinguishable. As in Maholy-Nagy’s ‘Stockholm’ (image 2), my viewpoint is high and the people are small and without detail.

I felt that the inclusion of this alternative view in my assignment gives my portrayal of Filey an extra and less traditional dimension that is not normally seen in tourist publications. It therefore contributes to my challenge of Filey as simply a haven for holiday makers.

Please also see my blog post:   Bauhaus and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

List of Illustrations

1    Moholy-Nagy, L. (1927) Railway Station Lyon [Photograph]. At: http://moholy-nagy.org/

2   Moholy-Nagy, L. (1930) Stockholm [Photograph]. At: http://moholy-nagy.org/

3   Moholy-Nagy, L.  (1927) Boats, Marseille [Photograph]. At: http://moholy-nagy.org/





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