EYV Assignment 2 ‘Collecting’ Tutor Feedback

I was very pleased with my tutor’s feedback on this assignment. Again, I had a quick read to quickly get to the main points, and then, relieved, I read it again more slowly, to fully understand the issues he raised.

I will not reproduce the whole report here, but I will pick out the main points:

I will start with the positives:

  • Good use of a range of lens and aperture combinations.
  • Good reflection on my selection process and developing use of contact sheets.
  • Competent set of photographs.
  • Credit for re-visiting my analysis of the Thomas Ruff exercise.
  • Potential to pass at assessment.

Areas for further development:

My tutor focused on the contextual  side of my learning and advised that I should:

  • Try to make specific connections between the artists I am inspired by and my work. (Please see my post  Reflection: Maholy-Nagy for my response)
  • Look at Edward Weston’s essay ‘Photography – not Pictorialism’. (Please see my post Pictorialism-Edward Weston and Frank Meadow Sutcliffe for my response.)
  • Do more research.
  • Perhaps include some examples of postcard views as part of my research for views of Filey – (please see my post:   Reflection on research for my response)
  • Try to build an assignment over several shoots.
  • Include actual images in coursework rather than links for ease of reading.
  • Look at Liz Wells and Ian Jeffrey on the course reading list.
  • Broaden my reflection on Martin Parr’s work. (Please see my post Martin Parr Reviews for my response)
  • Look at the wide aperture work of student Fergal O’Callaghan.
  • Do solid research for part 3 of the course and reflect in my learning log.

This is a long list of things to address but I am keen to develop the contextualisation side of my work and I will look carefully at these issues.

I am pleased that I was not advised to re-take my images since I am not planning another trip to Filey soon. However, I realise that in taking photographs for an assignment, I have to be prepared to re-visit them, and I should factor this in when doing my preparation and planning and choosing a location.

Post script

In preparing for assessment at the end of the course, I decided to revisit this assignment. Please see my post Assignment 2- views-reworked.



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