EYV Exercise 2.6 revisited

I wish to re-visit my consideration of the work of Kim Kirkpatrick for two reasons.

First, In my feedback on EYV Assignment 2 ‘Collecting’, my tutor commented on my inclusion of Kim Kirkpatrick as inspiration for my taking photographs with shallow depth of field to direct the eye to the subject. He suggested that any shallow depth of field image could do this  and suggested instead that Kirkpatrick’s  images are significant for their perfect balance between foreground and background.

An example of Kirkpatrick’s work that I particularly like is this one:

Kirk patrick 1

Image 1. At: Kimkirkpatrick.com

On reflection, I agree that any shallow depth of field image could have provided the inspiration for my assignment. I just happened to really like Kirkpatrick’s work and my experience of other photographers was limited. I had looked at supermarket food and lifestyle advertising photographs but, although they use shallow depth of field to highlight their products, I can’t say I was particularly inspired by them.

Second, my tutor’s comments on my EYV exercise 2.6 on shallow depth of field suggested that I needed to simplify my foregrounds. I had taken my images deliberately to blur the background and with an awareness that the background was a large part of the image and should therefore be composed as such, but without thought to the balance in the overall photograph.

My first attempt of this exercise can be seen here

On a recent trip to the Isle of Man, I looked closely at the boats in the harbour and noticed, not just the boats, but the other details. I wanted to photograph something of the intricacy of the structures, and thought this was an opportunity to re-work my shallow depth of field images taken for exercise 2.6. Those initial images were taken at Stanley Ferry Marina so I felt that the continuation of the ‘boat theme’ would be useful for comparison.

Here is my second attempt at exercise 2.6:

harbour 2 Harbour 3 Harbour 4 Harbour 6 Harbour 7 Harbour 8

I think these images are more balanced not only in respect of the in-focus foreground and out-of-focus background, but also in terms of colour. Kirkpatrick’s images use a limited colour range, emphasising the connection between foreground and background, creating a streamlined and balanced image.




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