EYV Assignment 2 ‘Collecting’ Self-Analysis

Technical and visual skills

I selected my final images from a short-list of about 24 images to show both a traditional view of the resort and a less traditional view encompassing detail of everyday life and the experiences of holiday makers and locals. My images were selected also to show a range of techniques using different focal lengths, view-points, depths of field and focal points to show the development of my technical skills.

I considered the order of the presentation of my images but in the end decided on a semi-random organisation to show the town as a mixture of experiences. I compromised my technique because I chose not to use a tripod, despite carrying one with me. I consequently had to use a higher ISO than I would ideally have chosen.

I feel that I have fairly well included the learning objectives of Part 2 in this assignment and am becoming more comfortable with my camera. I certainly feel less reliance on my telephoto lens and a new appreciation of wider views and a sense of space.

I made slight alterations to my images in post processing: straightening, distortion correction and sharpening of raw images but this was minimal.

 Quality of outcome

My tutor advised that I should bear in mind Walter Benjamin’s quote (Course Notes p52), in submitting this assignment:

‘Fragments of a vessel which are to be glued together must match one another in the smallest details although they need not be like one another’ (Benjamin[1936] 1999, p79)

I interpreted this quote to mean that there should be a consistency of size, orientation, colour etc as well as a coherence and linking theme or idea. I feel that I have presented a coherent idea, and have submitted my images in a consistent way in terms of their ‘landscape’ orientation and colour profile. I think a mixture of traditional landscape and close viewpoints interrupts the ‘flow’ for the viewer, but I feel it adds to the overall story.

I feel that my photographs show what I intended, though I acknowledge that I may see this more clearly than a viewer who has not been involved in the process. I hope that I have improved in my visual literacy since my first assignment and that the viewer will understand my message without text.

Demonstration of creativity

My images are quite varied in terms of specific subject matter and I feel that as a series of images, they work well together. I have tried to use different viewpoints and techniques to give a variety of results. I feel that these images are more imaginative than those of  my ‘Square Mile’ though I am aware that creativity is a skill I need to develop and that my idea is far from original.

I have expanded my comfort zone in terms of looking at different ways to capture views, and in putting together a coherent set of Filey images.


I have considered the work of a number of photographers who have appealed to me in terms of their approaches and use of both deep and shallow depth of field and have put together a collection of images that I would previously not have considered. I changed my initial plans for this assignment following my photo-walk because I began to see Filey as more than just a holiday destination.

Cartier – Bresson says:

‘What matters is to look. But people don’t look, most of them don’t look. They press the button…’ (Bresson 2001)

I think this assignment shows that I am beginning to look more carefully at composition and to consider the settings I need to achieve the effect I want to create in an image.


Cartier- Bresson, H, (2001) L’amour tout court (“Just Plain Love”) [Interview]. At: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL707C8F898605E0BF (Accessed 4 August 2016)








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