Hard-copy learning log

I have, since the beginning of this course, been keeping a hard-copy learning log in addition to my blog. In it, I have recorded my thoughts and ideas as they come to me, (sometimes in the middle of the night) and I have used it to organise and plan my assignments, exercises and blog posts. There is some overlap with my blog, but it is quite different from it in many ways. I like it as a chronological record of my work on this course and as a diary of sorts. I use it to show my learning style and my development throughout the course.

This post is mostly to alert my tutor that I keep this log as complementary to my blog, and so to expect that I might submit it along with my blog, for assessment at some point. However, I hope it inspires other students to use a hard copy learning log to help with their own learning.


Book 1 Book 2 Book 3


Please see my reflection on this issue in my post: Reflection: hard-copy learning log




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