EYV Assignment 1 ‘Square Mile’ Contact Sheets

I took quite a number of images for my first assignment and I chose to take both raw and JPEG. My digital contact sheet therefore contained over 120 images. Here is a link to the photographs from which I chose my final selection:

EYV Assignment 1 Thumbnails pdf

Learning following tutor feedback:

My tutor queried why my thumbnails were square. To be honest, I hadn’t thought about it. Not having produced a contact sheet before, I assumed that thumbnails were square versions of an image (!) This was very easy to correct, it was just a matter of un-ticking the ‘crop to fit’ box when selecting the type of print.

My tutor also commented that ‘there should be no repetition’ of images in a set of thumbnails. I had worried that I had submitted too many images on my contact sheet since I included both the raw and the JPEG image of each photograph in the understanding that I was required to submit all photographs taken during the shoot for the assignment. I can now easily reduce the number of photographs and avoid repetition by selecting just one version of each image.


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