EYV Assignment 1 ‘Square Mile’ Self Assessment

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I mostly stuck to my favorite lens 55-210mm and I feel now that my project may have benefitted from a wider angle on some of my images. After finishing my project, I read in the course notes later in part 1:

‘Looking back at some of your composition exercises…would you agree that in the less successful shots there is the feeling of a ‘cropped’ view rather than a ‘transparent window to the world?’ (Course notes p27)

I feel I am guilty of zooming into a view and therefore cropping my images. However, in terms of visual skills, I have consciously looked at things that would normally pass me by.

Quality of outcome

I believe I have told a story and presented it in a way that communicates my idea clearly. I have embraced the story telling genre and the presentation of multiple images together to present a narrative. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to take photographs that make the ordinary seem significant since this is a particular interest of mine. I have drawn on my existing knowledge and looked at examples of the work of other photographers, taking inspiration from their approaches.

I believe my images present as fairly coherent. The photograph of the school yard is a bit incongruous because of its narrow depth of field. I kept my images in colour and the same size and orientation to aid consistency and fluidity and I considered my options in terms of how I wanted to present my project. The use of text headings helps the viewer to understand my story.

Demonstration of creativity

I know that my interpretation of this brief is far from original and it was, in fact, suggested as a possibility in the course material. However, I had many different thoughts leading up to my final choice of subject.  I should like to think though that my imagination in the future would enable me to present something unique.

However, in terms of learning, I feel that I have stepped outside my comfort zone in capturing images that I would not ordinarily consider, and in combining images to tell a story. I also have pushed myself by taking photographs in public places.


I took time to think about the task and, after deciding on an approach and beginning to take my photographs, I was prepared to change my response to this brief in light of my developing understanding. I took inspiration from my experiences so far and from storytelling photographers and the concept of deliberately taking images for the camera.




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