Motivation for starting this degree

As part of my developing interest in photography, I attended the OCA event ‘Photography Matters’ at Doncaster Cast on 21 May 2016. This was a last minute plan and the decision to attend has possibly changed my photography radically and for ever.

I have been taking photographs for only 18 months and I have enjoyed keeping a blog: during that time. My blog was a forum for practicing my technical skills and showing my progress and learning. However, I relied on reading material and casual conversations with others who liked photography, and on the occasional day course and workshop to learn what I could about the art.

The lectures at The Cast were a different thing altogether and, although above my current level of understanding, they reminded me of my previous university days and of how good it feels to learn new things. I took away enough from the day to inspire me to want to learn more about photography, and to want to take another look at what these five tutors were saying. I particularly enjoyed Derek Trillo’s presentation, and I intend to take some time to look at all of them again soon. I will post my thoughts on my blog.

So, this was the beginning of my thinking about enrolling for the BA in Photography. I gave it only a few days’ thought, and, thanks to this, I am now a student again.

I will use this blog to document my learning and progress as I complete the assignments and exercises and I look forward to becoming a better photographer and to knowing more about the world of photography.



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