‘Of’ and ‘About’

I have enjoyed keeping my blog over the 18 months since I bought my camera, and prior to my starting this degree. It has given me a outlet for my photographs and a purpose for taking them.

However, I have been enrolled with the OCA a matter of days and I am immediately struck by the idea that there is a difference between taking photographs of things, and taking photographs about things.  Almost all my photographs, I see now, are images of things, through which I have attempted to learn technical skills and composition, but with little thought about storytelling.

I have, very recently attempted to tell stories through individual images, for example, in street photography, but I now look forward to using a collection of images together to convey a story or message or idea. This is a new idea for me, but something that I look forward to thinking about in assignment 1.

I also now see the importance of self assessment against specific criteria. Although I have been critical of my work, my previous learning blog has not been analytical. I has been a record of what I have been doing and places I have visited, and a means of learning how to use my camera. I look forward to using self assessment, and the assessment of my tutor and other students, as a way to consciously make improvements in my photography.










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